Installation Details

There are two ways to experiment with MAXREFDES42#:

  • Upload Firmware HEX-file, connect a device to IO-Link Master and play around.
  • Clone the source code from Bitbucket repository, go throw and try to debug.


Firmware HEX-file, IODDs data and this document in PDF format can be downloaded from the Bitbucket repository absolutely free without registration.

To upload HEX-file into MAXREFDES23 have to get Renesas E1 emulator and also Renesas Flash Programmer.

Source Code

The project source code can be cloned from the Bitbucket repository freely without registration.

Download a trial version of IAR RL78 Embedded Workbench IDE in order to compile it and also take a look for Renesas Application Leading Tool (Applilet).

Also the Renesas E1 emulator and Renesas Flash Programmer needed to start debug session with a device.